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#LOVEis teaching the babies about #contribution, #community and #responsibility. Reminding them and myself that we are responsible for our choices and ways of being. Not to place the blame on others. To own it. We are constantly giving others permission. What will you do with your permission? How will we contribute to our own and someone else’s well-being. Who is our community waiting for us to be? #teachingartist #studentoflife #LOVEis is owning up. #youth #blackwoman #artist #youth

We keep LOVE in our home as a reminder that we are love. If I am clear I am the love I am looking for, I won’t run around looking for others to give it to me. I get to be enough, and so do others around me. This is why I do #LOVEis. Because sometimes, I forget. #LOVEis you.

Celebrate with me.
Something tried to kill me.
And It succeeded.

I choose to die as often as necessary to live freely.
I choose to cling to nothing, not even myself, creating opportunities to find myself in everything.

abunDANCE and LOVE looks great on me.
27 will be an unapologetic whirlwind.

Get ready.

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